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4 Apps for Work-Life Balance

January 23rd, 2018|Categories: Leadership Skills|

Achieving a work-life balance is no easy feat. Technology makes us constantly accessible, blurring the lines between our personal and professional lives. Since we can work anytime, anywhere, it can be difficult to switch off with an onslaught of competing demands. Our devices also hinder productivity; studies show we spend up to 4 hours a

6 Amazing Female Traders

November 20th, 2017|Categories: Leadership Skills|

We often associate the world of banking and trading with men. Historically, it has been an industry heavily dominated by male leadership. When faced with an ‘old boy’s club’ like this, it’s even harder for women to get ahead. Women need to be twice as good as their male peers to make their name in

The Importance of Body Language In The Workplace

November 10th, 2017|Categories: Leadership Skills|

Body language is at work in all aspects of our lives. Unspoken communication can say as much as the words that come out of our mouths. In the workplace, it’s especially important to understand how body language operates and the things we may unwittingly be communicating. Women particularly find it hard to stamp their authority

10 Most Powerful Female Leaders in History

October 5th, 2017|Categories: Leadership Skills|

History books are dominated by powerful male leaders, and even today we're a long way from reaching gender equality. However, not all of History's powerful leaders are men! Some of the greatest leaders in history are fearless females. Here are some of the women who have led the way and rightly earned a place amongst

Resilience: How To Thrive In A Challenging Environment

August 28th, 2017|Categories: Career lessons, Leadership Skills, Personal development|

In order to meet the intensive demands of a challenging environment, we need to build resilience. For many of us, our working environments tend to involve a busy workload, high levels of stress and the need to keep up with changing conditions. Consequently, managing the pressures of a career can be difficult.   But what

How To Work Less & Increase Your Productivity

August 21st, 2017|Categories: Leadership Skills|

  ‘Working hard’ sounds great in theory, but working too much can in fact decrease your productivity. Even worse, being overworked can bring about negative side-effects—like exhaustion, stress and decreased morale. As the saying goes, ‘work smarter, not harder’.   We’ve got 3 great tips to help you work smarter - not harder - and

6 Tips For Communicating Confidently In The Workplace

August 18th, 2017|Categories: Leadership Skills, Tips & Tricks|

Navigate difficult situations and build your confidence when communicating in the workplace. Written by Jaslyn Pal and Jack Nodding.   Great leaders are great at communicating. They know how to navigate their way through difficult situations, tough conversations and challenging co-workers. That said, communicating confidently doesn’t come naturally for everyone. For some, even the thought

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