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The 2nd Annual Women in Insurance Leadership Summit 2017 is the ultimate opportunity for aspiring, emerging and existing female leaders in the insurance industry to refine this leadership skill set. With speakers sharing their experiences and experts providing takeaway leadership strategies, this event will not only empower ambitious women to succeed in the competitive insurance industry but give them the skills required to enhance an organisation’s productivity and evolution into 2020.

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With an influx in subsidiaries of financial conglomerates and the number of smaller insurance companies on the rise, the insurance industry is in a state of increased competition. This creates exciting new opportunities for emerging leaders to transform industry knowledge into executive insight, but in order take the step up into leadership it is crucial to develop the skills that will allow them to successfully manage people.

Theme: Visions of Success

We talk a lot about how to reach your potential and succeed as a leader, but what does success really look like? And furthermore, what does it mean to you? The vision of success varies for each individual and tends to change as you grow and develop, both professionally and personally. What were you striving for when your leadership journey began? Are you still on the same path? How does it compare and what’s next?

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